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There's TWO More Kmart Products That Are AMAZING

Nobody wants to spend $200 on a kettle..

And now we don’t have to..

Remember that $89 Kmart vacuum that was said to be better than those $1,000 vacuums that everyone raves about?

Well, now Kmart has done it again! As there is now a retro toaster and kettle that are just a FIFTH of the cost of the branded item.


Heidi appeared on a Current Affair last night and revealed that the Kmart versions of Smeg’s classic toaster and kettle are pretty much the same and cost just $39 instead of $200.

‘They both come with 12-month warranties, so you're not getting any more for your money in that regard,’ Heidi added.


Marketing expert Dee Madigan told the program ‘If there's a massive difference in price, you might weigh up the fact that if you have to buy two or three cheap items over 10 years, it still might be cheaper than buying one expensive item.’


Better get to Kmart!

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