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These Are The Most Popular Items To Be Shoplifted This Xmas

While we talk about the spirit of giving at Christmas, these thieves are taking things a little too literally!

After a pre-Christmas crackdown on shoplifting, police have revealed the most hot ticketed items among light-fingered thieves.

Perfume, expensive clothes, electronic items, vitamins and even meat are being Saint Nicked according to

The products, which are “high priced and easy to sell”, were mainly stolen to make a profit.

Police have told of a brazen thief one year who even went so far as to steal a cappuccino machine.

“With that, you don’t secret the item, you run,” Inspector Matthew Crematy explained.

Another attempted to steal a hard drive, however after being confronted by staff he dropped the item and fled.

Not long after he was busted trying to steal a speaker from another shop.

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