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These Names Are Most Likely To Get Swiped Right On Tinder

Turns out your Tinder profile picture doesn't even matter! 

According to a study from a dating app, simply having the right 'name' will lead to a swipe in the right direction... literally! 

The Grade ranked the sexiest and hottest names on social media dating apps like Tinder based on who was swiping right. 

Below are the names that are most likely to get a swipe right! 

For girls: 

  1. Brianna 
  2. Erika 
  3. Lexi 
  4. Brooke 
  5. Vanessa
  6. April 
  7. Natalie 
  8. Jenna
  9. Molly 
  10. Katie

For the guys: 

  1. Brett 
  2. Tyler 
  3. Corey 
  4. Andy 
  5. Noah 
  6. Shane 
  7. Jeffrey 
  8. Rob 
  9. Frank
  10. Jeff

Another thing the study looked at was who's names matched most frequently... 

Apparently, most Lexis end up with a Chris, Brookes end up with Mikes, Vanessas end up with Tylers and Aprils end up with Toms. 

Roles reversed? Boys named Brett are likely to end up with a Jessica and a Tyler will likely match with a Jennifer!

And if your name is Patrick, we've got bad news. Your name is 77th most popular on the list. Maybe stick to bars and clubbing, Patrick! 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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