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This 'Animal Selfie' Guy Has The Best Job In The World

Image: Instagram

If you love cute, furry animals, as well as as some good #travelinspo, then this is the person you NEED to follow.

Allan Dixon is a New Zealand-based photographer and quite simply, has the best job in the world.

He won the 'Outback Adventurer' division of a competition run by Tourism Australia aptly named 'Best Jobs In The World competition'. And now, this is what he does, every day, all around the world...

Just horsing around 😁 🐎 Spread happiness by telling funny jokes. Thanks @zephyr_horses @goproanz #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

A photo posted by Allan Dixon - Adventurer (@daxon) on

Never be afraid to smile and show the world your beautiful teeth. Start spreading those smiles 😁 #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

A photo posted by Allan Dixon - Adventurer (@daxon) on

We know... stop it!

Source: Mashable

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