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This Aussie Dad Has Been SLAMMED For Doing One AMAZING Thing

Australians have been left outraged following the public shaming of a Queensland dad Damien Leeson, who was called ‘disgusting’ for taking his seven-week-old baby into the parent's room at Mackay shopping centre on Sunday.

The Daily Mercury has reported thatMr lesson was feeding his newborn daughter, Harpah, when a woman walked into the room and said ‘’that’s disgusting to see a full-grown man in a parents’ room with a little girl” and that Mr Leeson was a “dirty old (expletive)”.

Lesson defended his decision by saying "I'm quite a hands-on dad, dirty nappies, feeding, anything I can do," he said.

"My wife was there too, and we just looked at each other in shock. I was doing the right thing."

Members of the public have come out and supported Mr lesson, by saying they cannot believe the new Dad was treated in such a way by another parent.

Amy Marks told The Daily Mercury that the father should have been rewarded for doing a good deed.

“Good on him for actually giving a hand to his wife and not being afraid to touch a dirty nappy or help out with the feeding; most wives would kill for a husband like that,” she said. “It’s called a parents’ room for a reason; it’s not mum’s room, people need to wake up to themselves.

“I would have given him a pat on the back for being the only dad in there among so many women.”

After people had supported him, Lesson said "I'm still going to keep taking my daughter to the parent's room and trying my hardest to be a good dad.’’

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