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Club’s Response To Cheating Boyfriend Is The Best Thing Ever

Sometimes, a big night is just inevitable.

And you know what, as humans, so is making mistakes.

But for one guy, his night went a little too far, and the repercussions weren’t made any easier by the venue he was at.

You see, he awoke the next morning to a photo of him with his ex girlfriend - and FREAKED.

He contacted the venue to ask if they could take the photo down and was met with a hilarious response.


After advising the young man that the only way the photo would be removed is if the man dropped 10,000 pounds and a pack of Haribo Tangfastics.

He then insisted if his demands weren’t met, he would make the image his profile pic for the clubs page.

Instead, they replaced the profile picture with a redacted screengrab of their messages, before writing: 'Good night was it pal?'.


The boyfriend replied: 'Mateeeeeeee. Serious I'm in bits here.' The employee responded: 'Haha I'm joking pal, it's gone you dirty dawggg.

The post is now gone, but unfortunately for the cheating guy, the post has been retweeted and shared thousands of times, meaning you can probably find him in his local hospital.

Source: Daily Mail

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