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This Distressing Footage Of A Captive Orca Is Heartbreaking

An undercover activist has captured secret video footage showing a killer whale acting out in a pool at a popular tourist spot in Tenerife.

The video has since been uploaded to The Dolphin Project’s website in a bid to raise awareness abut killer whales being help in captivity.

The organisation says the footage of Morgan “shows the amount of stress and cruelty imposed on orcas as a result of confinement to small, barren tanks.”

The SeaWorld owned Orca can be seen thrashing about the small pool in what activists claim is a bid to escape and gain access to an adjoining pool which contains a second killer whale.

Lord Parque, the park where the incident happened, responded to the footage by saying this is normal behaviour for an Orca.

This is the same park where in 2009 a trainer was killed in an attack by one of the orcas.

At first the park said he had drowned however injuries sustained from the incident showed the trainer had been attacked by one of the captive whales.

Orca at Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain panics in medical pool, April 2016 from Dolphin Project on Vimeo.

Source The Daily Mail

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