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Man's Use For His Broken Thongs Will Make You Say 'Straya

A Queensland man has unofficially become the most 'Strayan person ever after local police spotted his unusual use for broken thongs.

Old mate turned them into... wait for it... mudflaps.

No, really.

After becoming disillusioned with how quickly his footwear kept snapping, Dave Beasant decided to recycle the busted pluggers into something that was both useful AND a reminder of the good times they had together.

"My left thong kept breaking and I had to keep buying a new pair," the Deception Bay resident told the Courier Mail.

"I had to do something with the broken ones as it was a waste of money. I went through three pairs in three months."

Dave's innovative thinking has attracted plenty of attention since the thong mudflap was installed, which has been a handy way to draw attention to his new glazing business.

"People stop and take photos at traffic lights and I get people waving their thongs out the window at me," he explained.

Living the dream, Dave.

But it wasn't until local police snapped the back of his ute that Dave's modification went viral and actually earned him praise from Deception Bay Road Traffic unit officer-in-charge Garth Peake.

Senior Sergeant Peake pointed out that, not only were the thong-flaps legal - as long as they were securely screwed on, of course - but they were actually helping Dave's fellow motorists by reducing the risk of stones flicking up into any oncoming traffic.

Dave, we salute you - even though we can't quite figure out how you've managed to get bust three thongs in three months.

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