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This Melbourne Woman's Response To Getting Cheated On Is A++

A woman who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, has got her own selling all his things.

The young woman hosted a garage sale in South Yarra on Sunday between 10am and 2PM.

A bright yellow sign was taped to a nearby tree and read : 'Ex-boyfriend caught cheating. Everything must go!' 

The university student decided to sell all of her boyfriends possessions after she learnt about his infidelity.

'No it wasn’t a very good break up – it was a pretty bad breakup so we thought we’ll just make something fun out of it,' she told 7 News.

Among the items up for sale were his clothes, shoes, video games, movies, exercise equipment, speakers and books.

The woman told 7 News she plans on putting the money towards a trip overseas.

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