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This Sydney Pop-Up Lets You Smash Stuff With A Baseball Bat

We all have our own ways that help us blow off steam after a stressful day. Some people exercise, others opt for a relaxing bath or a few cold bevies.

But if these methods don’t seem to work for you, not to worry, because Sydney has just gotten a new pop-up that is said to help with all of your anger management needs in a much more physical sense.

It’s called Smash Brothers and it’s designed to allow people to literally smash various items until their heart is content with a baseball bat.

The space is heading to Kogarah from April 21 for three months and basically you’ll be able to go full demolition on anything from printers, to plates, bottles, blenders, toasters, TV’s, fridges and even computer monitors.

All you need to do to take part in the smashing extravaganza is book an appointment at their website, and then head to one of their break rooms where the fun begins.

You’ll be provided with various safety accessories including overalls, gloves and a face shield to make sure no one gets hurt, as well as a box of items for you to smash. Then you just go ahead and swing your bat and go full Beyonce from her Lemonade stage on the suckers.


All of the items on offer for you to destroy with your baseball bat have either been purchased by the company or donated, and once you're done all of the scraps are recycled. 

Now unfortunately a ten-minute session of whacking doesn’t come cheap. It’ll cost you $40 to go at the equipment solo or alternatively you can bring a friend for $70. But to be honest, this sounds way too satisfying to not take part in.

If you feel like getting rid of your frustration in the most insanely awesome way possible, Smash brothers is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting this weekend at their Kogarah location!

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