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This Teenage Girl's Engagement Has Got Her Parents PISSED

A 19 year old girl in the US is determined to marry her 53 year old partner and her parents are pissed to the max. 

Despite her parents threats to disown her, Michaela Matson is still head over heals in love with her fiancée William Maldera, who is 34 years her senior. 

When Michaela's parents became aware of the relationship the pair have maintained over text and video chat, they confiscated her passport so that she couldn't travel to Canada to see William. They also sent her to see a psychologist.

"Whenever I was texting him, my dad asked if I was talking to 'the piece of shit'." Michaela said. 


But that wasn't enough to stop her. She applied for a new passport and saved up enough money to move in with him. 

"As soon as I saw him at the airport I dropped my luggage and ran, I was so excited and overwhelmed to finally meet face to face." Michaela said. 

Michaela admits that William is often mistaken for being her father, but that doesn't phase them.

They're planning to get married in August or September next year.

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