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This Woman Snapped A Selfie While Her Sister Gave Birth

Anyone out there with siblings will know that you share a very weird and unique relationship. They're the person you love (sometimes just because your mum says you have to) and also love to hate (especially when they steal your clothes).

I know for me, being the resident comedian in the family, my siblings are usually the subject of my jokes or pranks and sometimes vice versa.

Ahj it's a special bond isn't it. But really you do love them and it's wonderful that as you grow up together you get to experience so many special moments in each others lives.

Such as say their graduation or wedding day or even the first time one of your siblings gives birth...although I think I would kill my sister if she did what this one Imgur user did...

She took a selfie, while her sister was GIVING BIRTH in the background!! And it literally could not get any more inappropriate.

SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag! 

Kat Armendariz is the culprit behind the snap that has been viewed almost 500,000 times and shows her poor sister writhing in pain in the background.

The caption read, "SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!"

When questioned about the image, Kat admitted that she had been trying to capture a memory of the big day, but ACCIDENTALLY caught the moment her sister was in complete agony.

"She wasn't in too much pain at first, so she thought it was pretty funny," the new aunt admitted.

"I told her I was going to do it, she just started the oxytocin and the labor pains began almost instantly. She started to feel it and right when she was like, 'Oh my god I can't take this,' I took the photo."

Okay, so it's way more innocent than we originally thought. But still, that caption...

Couldn't she have just bought a 'congratulations' teddy bear and taken a photo AFTER the labour?

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