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THREE Things You Just HAVE To Do At The 2017 Easter Show

For Sydneysiders, the Royal Easter Show is one of the BEST events of the year and here at KIIS we're lucky enough to be a part of the action again this year. We might be just a LITTLE biased, but these are the three things you HAVE to see at the show...

1) Muster the courage to enter Kyle and Jackie O’s Haunted House

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Kyle and Jackie O’s haunted house is even bigger and more TERRIFYING than last year with more rooms - and more ways to GET YOU. Don’t worry, you’ll make it out alive… or will you?

2) Stroll by KIIS Alley

KIIS Alley has an Escape Room you have to try to work your way out of; the ’Slingshot’ game, where you get the chance to WHACK Kyle and Jackie O in the face with bean bags to WIN; and ‘Knockout’, which challenges you to use your strength to knock over the KIIS logo, if you want the prize badly enough, that is.

3) Browse the show bag hall for the Kyle & Jackie O Show Bag

Filled with EVERYTHING you need to look as awesome as you feel, including a selfie light, sunnies, a tank top, a gym bag, headphones and of course, H2coco, you’ll LOVE this bag that’s worth over $200, but only $25 for fans of Kyle and Jackie O!

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