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Tinder's New Feature Will Make A LOT Of People Happy

Tinder is the home of more-often-than-not inappropriate messages and, as of the last few months, pictures.

But do you know what's been missing this entire time? VIDEO!

Short, self-deleting, Snapchat-style videos, to be exact.

We know! How could this possibly go wrong?!

The company have announced a takeover of Wheel, an app that connects complete strangers and allows them to create video stories together, and will be incorporating the tech into their love-it-or-hate-it app.

"What we were doing with content was all about connecting a young demographic around creating content," Wheel founder Paul Boukadakis said. "There was a lot of synergy with what we were doing and what they were doing."

Brian Norgard, the head of product and revenue at Tinder, added that bringing video content into the mix would "innovate" the way users make connections on Tinder.

"I'm excited Paul is joining our product team to drive special initiatives that leverage his experience connecting people around innovative content," he said in a statement.

What a fancy way of saying that there'll be heaps more x-rated messaging going on!

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