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'Touch Me' Parties Popular In Taiwan

If you've experienced night clubs in Taiwan, you'll know they can be pretty full-on. But a new type of nightclub party has recently hit their headlines and authorities are worried.

It's called a "Touch Me Party" and is held at a popular nightclub in Taichung City called 'Rave Club'. 

But what is a "Touch Me Party" exactly?

As the name suggests, it's a party where you can touch other club patrons. But there's no free-for-all groping going on, there are certain rules to be followed. Each guest receives a sticker, it is up to them where they place it on their body.

A blue sticker means men can touch. A red sticker indicates girls can touch, and a mouth-shaped sticker means you're allowed to kiss that spot.


So are these parties safe? A representative of the club declared that "Touch Me Parties" are held once a month, and that there have never been incidents. And according to a law expert, the parties do not seem to break any law, although he added that police are keeping the club under surveillance in order to protect young people.

So what do you think, is this just some harmless fun or is it going a little too far?

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