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Turns Out That Viral Bully Victim Comes From A Racist Family

By now you may have already seen the viral video of a young boy, Keaton Jones, pleading to be left alone by bullies. 

The video has broken the hearts of millions around the globe and instigated important conversations about bullying. 

Many celebs have come out in support of Keaton, with Chris Evans inviting him to the Avengers Premiere next year and Hailee Steinfeld asking him to be her date to the Pitch Perfect 3 Premiere. 

However, a bunch of people have done a background check on the young boy's family and suddenly the story seems less rosy. 

It's alleged that Keaton was not being bullied, but rather being called out for hurling racial slurs towards children of colour.

Keaton's Mum, Kimberly Jones, posted a picture on Facebook of her smiling with a Confederate flag, considered by many as a representation of white supremacy. The post has since been deleted.

This revelation will no doubt come as a slap in the face for the high profile people of colour who have pledged their support for Keaton, including NFL player Delanie Walker.

It would seem that Keaton's heart is in the right place, after he took to Instagram to apologise on his mother's behalf.

The post said: “This is Keaton. I want to apologise on behalf of my mum for the things she has said towards other races. I love my mother but I also realise wrong is wrong. And what she said was wrong. I hope we can all put her mistakes in the past and focus on bettering the world. Thank you.”

The account has since been deleted. 

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