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TV Show Features Couple Who Constantly Orgasm

This is something we never thought we'd write, but there is literally a couple in LA that claims that they can orgasm any time, anywhere, for as long as they like. 

And they want to teach YOU how to do it. They appeared on a UK breakfast show, 'This Morning' to explain just how it works.

The couple explain that they undergo a ritual known as Tantra, which basically allows them to attract energy to consciously control their much so that they can orgasm for 18 HOURS STRAIGHT just by HUGGING!

Yep apparently a damn good snuggle is all it takes...

The couple even admitted that they now orgasm so much that they're shocked that their neighbours haven't called the cops yet! Yikes...

And while you may want to watch the entire interview know for some helpful tips...the best part of the interview BY FAR is what happened when the hosts concluded the interview.

They literally could not keep themselves together! Even the camera guy was laughing so much that he couldn't keep the hosts in the shot.

And while the hosts genuinely are FASCINATED, they seem to take the whole thing as one massive joke. But this couple could not be more serious about their sexual habits!

I guess when it comes to always getting that orgasm...your mantra should be tantra. Maybe this is something we should all be trying?

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