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Uber Driver Mistakes Prostitute For His Actual Passenger

Every Uber driver would be able to tell you a story or two of the fun and not-so-fun times they've had whilst chauffeuring people around.

This guy's story quite possibly takes the cake though.

Whilst pulling up at a location to pick up his booked passenger, a woman hopped into the car an answered to the name of his passenger, Chelsea. Unbeknownst to him he carried on driving thinking he had the correct person.

It wasn't till he got around the corner that things seemed a little off.

The usual chit-chat prevailed, "how you going," and "what are you up to today," before the driver asked the woman "what do you do [for work]."

To his surprise the woman repsonded "I do some sex work." Clearly caught off guard, the driver responded, "ah cool, nice."

It was then when the woman asked if he wanted to have sex... watch above to see what happened next!

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