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Video Of Woman Confronting Cheating Boyfriend Has Gone Viral

A scorned woman has become an Internet icon after a video of her confronting her cheating ex boyfriend has gone viral.

The emotional clip posted by The Scene, shows Kourtney, who has since been dubbed #HurtBae, coming face-to-face with her cheating ex Leonard.

She asks him everything she wants to know about said cheating, and gets everything off her chest, finally.

The couple sit across from each other and hash out their relationship. They start with how they met, but their conversation quickly turns to Leonard’s cheating.

And it’s pretty heavy stuff!

Kourtney found evidence of Leonard cheating on her on his phone, and even once found him in his bedroom with someone else and he told her to ‘get out.’

It’s around this point that our hearts literally break into a million peices for her.

Kourtney asks Leonard how many times he cheated on her, and he replies: “I don’t know…. I wasn’t counting.”


#HurtBae is literally everyone who has ever been cheated on.

We hope this helped her find closure, and applaud her for sharing her hurt.

Watch the clip here, you’ll be glad you did:

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