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Want To Be Rich? These Are The Jobs You Need To Know About!

Always fancied being rich? Well these are the jobs you need to know about… although be warned, it will require a lot of studying!

According to the Australian Taxation Office, the ten highest paying occupations involve medicine, maths and plenty of wheeling and dealing.

Topping the list of the highest average incomes by occupation were surgeons whose taxable income averaged $377,044.

They were followed by anaesthetists on $341,041 and internal medicine specialists on $281, 547.

If medicine isn’t quite your forte, you could always have a go at being a financial dealer with an average income of $235, 444.

Or try medicine of the mind as a psychiatrist and earn $204,236.

Coming in at number six were other medical practitioners ($192,469), followed by judicial and other legal professionals ($191,201), mining engineers ($174,115), chief executives and managing directors ($157,105) and engineering managers ($148,216).

For those of us beginning to realise it may be a bit too late to go back and study, at least it’s something to keep in mind for the kiddies.

At least then they’ll be able to afford a home and maybe even put you up in the future!

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