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WARNING: This iPhone Case Is Causing Second Degree Burns

Erin Nelson fell asleep with her phone in a new iPhone case and woke up with "second degree chemical burns on [her] bum". 

The New Zealand resident purchased the phone case at Forever New - an Australian clothing store. 

The case cracked open and the inside of the case seeped out and burnt her. 

Nelson wrote on Forever New's Facebook page saying On your packaging it doesn't say anything about having chemicals in the case. So I would like someone to get in touch with me to let me know what chemicals have burnt me. A $20 phone case has sure cost me a lot of money and I'm not happy about it". 

Forever New wrote back asking Nelson to get into contact with them. 

Hi, last week I brought an iPhone 5 case of you guys, the one with the glitter that moves around anyway on Saturday...

Posted by Erin Nelson on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another woman named Emma Hughes-Dawson chimed in on the thread saying she'd suffered the exact same problem with a Forever New phone case and that her leg had been badly burnt when she had her phone in her pocket!

Since both comments, Forever New have acted swiftly to completely remove all stock of this phone case from both stores and online and have encouraged all concerned customers to bring their cases back to the store for a refund. 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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