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WATCH: F-Bomb Dropped On Sunrise!

More proof that live television doesn't always go according to plan!

This morning on Sunrise, co-host Samantha Armytage was presenting a 'Hot Topics' segment with guest commentators Mal Lees and Ron Wilson.

The three were discussing a viral video of a fiery standoff that took place after a woman stood in a parking space to save it for her family while another car is trying to park there. 

The video was played to air, but someone behind the scenes at Channel 7 clearly forgot to bleep any expletives beforehand!

The male driver in the video can clearly be heard shouting "Get the f**k out of the way!" which was broadcast into people's lounge rooms across Australia before 7am. WHOOPS!

The presenters handled it like pro's and moved right along seamlessly. 

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