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We Have Found Some BIG Secrets In McDonald's App!

McDonald's finally launched an app, and it’s so good because you can now pre-order your feast before you get into a store.

And my oh my, we have some hacks to help you not only order.. but get food cheaper.

The McDonald's mymaccas app has some bargain offers available right now.. so get downloading.

Just two of them include a medium big mac meal for just FIVE BUCKS!

That’s right, a MEAL for FIVE BUCKS. The Big Mac alone is usually $6.25.

Now there are some problems here, it’s not available at every McDonald's, you can’t go through drive thru to pick it up, not every store is available and if you want salad… you have to swap out your fries.

Another deal that has popped up in the app, is a medium fries and medium drink for just $2.60!

That’s a saving of $2!

The same terms and conditions apply.. but suddenly, it just got even cheaper to eat at Macca’s.

I’m lovin’ it.

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