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You Need To Be Following We Rate Dogs On Instagram

Every now and again we come across an Instagram account that makes us realise that we really haven't been living.

Taste of Streep - the account Photoshopping snaps of the actress into various foods - was a genius addition to our timelines, as is Australia's own Piggy Herd, but if you're more of a dog person and you're not following We Rate Dogs yet, you are in for a TREAT.

Cute puppers + hilarious captions = Best. Instagram account. Ever.

Some of our stand-out stars:

Kane, the chilled-af fuff-monster.

Chester, the seriously spiffy small thing.


Lance, who has forgotten how to dog.

This is Lance. Lance doesn't give a shit. 10/10 we should all be more like Lance

A photo posted by @weratedogs on

Clyde, who is cute-as-a-button but also kind of scary.

This is Clyde. He's making sure you're having a good train ride. 12/10 great pupper

A photo posted by @weratedogs on

And Rufus, for his sick accessorising skills and also for his tiny, adorable face.

It's pretty much the exact thing your Insta feed has been missing; imagine how much brighter your morning commute will be!

You're welcome.

Hero image via WeRateDogs

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