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We're Being Warned NOT To Open This Scam WhatsApp Message

Is it just us or are scams getting slicker and slicker?

The latest warning comes from Action Fraud, who are urging WhatsApp users to lookout for a scam message purporting to be from the messaging service.

Apparently people are receiving emails urging them to renew their subscription before it runs out.

It's a clever move, especially considering that until Facebook took over last year, it cost users $0.99 a year to use WhatsApp.

"While late adopters of the service might look at the email below and simply brush it off, long-term users will remember paying and could quite easily think the app has gone back to its subscription model and get caught out," Action Fraud say on their website.

The tactic is obviously working; just a couple of weeks ago a similar scam was doing the rounds, although it was through texts rather than emails.

Action Fraud are asking anyone who does receive the email - or the message - to delete it and report it to them.

And if you've already clicked through the link? You should probably run some anti-malware software on your device just to be on the safe side.

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