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We've Never Heard Of A Case Of Constipation This Bad. Ever.

In what can only be described as ‘oh HELL no’, comes this story from China.

Surgeons have removed 76 centimetres of a man’s large intestine after his constipation kept things building up over a period of years.

It’s reported that a rare condition, known as Hirschsprung's disease, caused the back-up.

The condition meant the 22-year-old patient had missing nerves which are needed to contract and relax the bowel… so his poop was getting stuck in his guts.


His belly swelled up so much that his doctor said it "looked like [it] could explode at any time."

The procedure took three hours and surgeons reportedly stitched the removed section closed at both ends for obvious reasons.

It weighed almost 13 kilograms.

    The good news? The patient should make a full recovery.


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