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Why Are Chicks Stripping Off In The Freeway?

In a very intense traffic jam, what do you do? Turn on the radio? Call your mum? Count the coins in your ashtray? You could take a leaf out of Lily Willetts’ book….

Get your gear off and catch some rays.

While a massive truck was overturned and ablaze on the M62, this sunseeker took the delays to work on her tan. The traffic was backed up for over 3 hours and in this time, the trend started to catch on and more people were sprawled out on the road

A driver in the jam expressed his concerns and he said, “We saw smoke and flames coming from the truck. We saw it said ‘gases’ on the side so we were concerned”

“Once we found out it was only oxygen, it wasn’t quite as bad but it’s still dangerous”

This wasn’t a concern of the sunbathers though… the tarmac was their Tahiti.

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