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Why Daylight Savings Could Be Messing With Your Health

While daylight savings means an automatic stretch in the evenings, the first few weeks can actually have a negative effect on your health.

That's because, with clocks jumping forward an hour, your alarm is probably going off in complete darkness again, which can cause something scientists call "social jetlag".

Dr Maree Barnes, a sleep expert, explains: "When the sun comes up in the morning, the light turns off or suppresses melatonin, which is the naturally occurring body hormone which helps us go to sleep.

"At the same time, our internal cortisol levels start to rise in the mornings. Cortisol is the same hormone that's released if you have a fright and get that jolt of energy."

So if you're getting up before the sun, that melatonin isn't being switched off - which can cause you to be more tired and moody during the day.

Granted, it won't be too much longer until the mornings start to feel the full effect of daylight savings, but if you're already struggling, Dr Barnes recommends investing in an illuminating alarm clock; since they gradually light up the room, you can actually trick your body into thinking the sun has risen.

Ah, technology.

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