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Woman Captures Unbelievable Footage Of Paranormal Activity

A woman from the U.S. has captured some jaw-dropping footage of the moment she experiences what could be paranormal activity inside her bedroom.

Whilst the woman is fast asleep we can clearly see the half-shut door swing wide open by itself. Some might say it’s just a hoax and could have just been the wind from an open window.

However, what happens next will give you goosebumps.

Around 20 seconds into the video we can clearly see her blanket being pulled off as she lays still, which is eventually what wakes her up. The light in the room also begins to flicker on and off. 

Followed by this a dark shadow flashes in the top left hand corner of the video as well as some floating transcendence, which people are saying look like orbs. There’s a big debate going on between viewers who are arguing whether this video is fake or not.

The orbs could simply be pieces of mid-air dust, which is not uncommon on night vision cameras. For now we’re going to say ghost are real until proven otherwise!

By Josh Semaan

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