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Woman Finds A Straight-Up Dick In Her Packet Of Sausies

Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

A woman in Ghana was just finishing up a bowl of her favourite soup, a local meat-based delicacy known as Tuo Zaafi, when she scooped up what looks suspiciously like a human penis.

In fact it looks so much like a dick that she's convinced someone slipped an actual peen amongst the sausages - and now she's trying to get it sent off for forensic testing.

"I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo Zaafi, which I bought and took home to eat," Akousa told local media.

"I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was finishing off with the biggest piece when I noticed the funny-looking meat, which looked like a male genital organ."


Images via Facebook

Unfortunately getting the wiener tested turned out to be a lot more hassle than Akousa could be bothered with, so the sausie now lives in her fridge - where we assume the cold has since caused it to shrivel up.

"My sister opted to show it to a lab technician friend later, who said because the meat was cooked, an ordinary lab test wouldn't be able to prove it to be animal or human," she continued.

"He advised a forensic test be done on it, but considering the bureaucratic processes these things go through, we gave up and the meat lies in our fridge."


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