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Woman Has Transformation, But It's Not What You Think!

When we see a ‘makeover' - more often than not one of the looks features freshly washed hair, make-up and high fashion.

This transformation is no exception.

Only - it’s not what you think.

For Laura Glynn, the glam ‘before’ look doesn’t represent the pretty, confident woman we can all see - for her, it represents a time when she was hungry, depressed and tired from trying so hard to fit in and be accepted.

Her hair was thinning from stress and she was filled with a sense of self doubt that no woman should experience.

It wasn’t until she let that idea go that happiness truly found her.

Pressure to look perfect and spend WAY too much money on clothes slipped away and an overwhelming sense of self-acceptance took its place.

Her relationship with her body became healthier and she realised that she actually didn’t need to look like her ‘before’ shot to be happy.

Now isn’t that the message we want to send all young girls?

The photo on the left was taken a year ago and the one on the right 3 weeks ago. Don’t even recognize that girl on the...

Posted by Laura Glynn on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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