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Woman Makes Identical Prom Dress For Her Dog & We Can't Deal

We've heard of the recent trend of hiring puppies instead of bouquets at weddings but a matching prom dress? 

There's no love like that between an owner and pet!

Twitter user Brenda Cross took her love for her dachshund to the next level, using the offcuts from her dress to fashion an outfit for the pooch. 

We must say Brenda and her pooch Sasha look smashing. 

Too bad Sasha couldn't tag along to the prom officially. 

"She’s like a daughter to me and we just get each other so well, so she goes everywhere with me,” Brenda told BuzzFeed News.

“She’s the only pet in the house [right now], and the one who gets the most attention in the house as well.”

Isn't that the way with our four legged friends!? 

So adorable! 

H/T: Hello Giggles

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