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Woman Shoves Policeman Into Bush At Melbourne Cup

Of the tens of thousands of people who attend the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse, there are bound to be a few that wake up with some major regrets.

We definitely think this woman will be one of them.

This footage shows a woman, believed to be in her 20s, shoving a police officer into the bushes.

Funnily enough, that police officer - Acting Superintendent Steven Cooper - was just about to brief television crews and journalists on the crowd behaviour.

"We've had approximately 94,000 people here at the races today, the crowds been very well behaved, we've only had - up until about a minute ago - five police evictions but as of a minute ago we've had another eviction," he said just moments after the incident around 4:30pm.

The officer was dressed in his full hi-vis uniform and on the phone when he was pushed over by the woman.

Her joy only lasted a few moments, before she was escorted away for questioning by two other officers.

She has been charged with assaulting police which saw Act Supt Cooper's glasses broken.

He also said that of the five others arrested, three were animal rights protesters, one was arrested for being drunk and the other for "behaviour offences".

H/T Yahoo 7

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