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Woman Speaks Out After Fiance Cruelly "Ghosts" Her

The phenomenon of "ghosting" is a dating trend that cowards use where a partner cuts off all contact with no warning or explanation.

The term is so common, it's now in the dictionary.

But one bride-to-be has experienced the cruel act first-hand, when her fiance and partner of four years chose to disappear two months before their wedding.

Lisa Reid, 30, had kissed James Ritchie, 32, goodbye the morning of his disappearance last March and hasn't seen or heard from him since.

He wasn't dead, or laying in hospital, but Ms Reid filed a missing persons case with her local police in Essex, England.

“Posters were made, there was a Facebook campaign and I watched in horror as my life became like something from a film.

“I thought he was dead, or hurt. I was worried that he was in a hospital somewhere, with no identification and had forgotten who he was.

“It wasn’t like James to just disappear so I knew he had to be in a bad way if I hadn’t heard from him.

“As the days passed, I knew it had to be bad news. But when the phone call from the police eventually came, I couldn’t have guessed what they would say.”


She has a simple, heartbreaking message for Mr Ritchie.

“I just wish James had the respect and the decency to be honest with me.

“I spent months desperately searching for answers. I felt like I was grieving for someone but didn’t have the body.

“I will probably never trust a man again.”

She remembers the day she last saw him clearly. 

“James kissed me goodbye before work, just like any other morning.

“During the day, I felt poorly and texted James so he suggested we could get a takeaway and cuddle up on the sofa. He was loving and sweet, as usual.

“When my 13-year-old daughter got home from school I helped her with her homework. James called me while I was working on a maths question with her so I ignored it, planning to call him back.

“But when I did, James didn’t answer. Then, that night he didn’t come home.

“I rang his friends and family but they hadn’t seen him so the next morning I called the police. They told me to sit tight and wait and see if he got in touch.”


The police had tracked him down in London but he told them he wanted nothing to do with Ms Reid.

“The police said he would be in contact with me but I didn’t hear from him.

“I had been continuously calling his phone from the moment he went missing but it always went straight to his answer machine.

“The police didn’t give me the address James was at so I had no way of contacting him. I felt like I was in mourning.

“When I summoned up the courage to tell my family and friends that the wedding had been cancelled, I had the same questions fired at me — but they were questions I couldn’t answer. It was heartbreaking.

“I had moved 500 miles from my home in Scotland to be with this person and felt totally humiliated.

“All I could think was, ‘How could James do this to me? Why does he hate me so much?’.”

After she found out he was in London, she also discovered his disappearance was more calculated.

“James had subscribed to dating websites and had been chatting to girls and even sending sexual pictures to them.

“I found he had made some large payments into the bank accounts of girls I have never heard of.

“They were made at the same time as payments for hotel rooms.

“Then, I finally heard from James’ brother, who told me James was in Thailand.

“I couldn’t believe it. Shock does not even cover how I felt when I found out — I was totally numb.

“The man I fell in love with was a myth. He didn’t exist.”

She still hasn't received an explanation from Mr Ritchie.

“All of his belongings are still here in the house we shared — his clothes, his paperwork, his passport ...

“I’ve still not heard anything from James at all.

“I would have preferred to get answers from him direct but instead, I’ve had to find them out for myself.

“I have been put through hell by that man. I thought he loved me but he has disrespected me in every way possible.

“I haven’t had another boyfriend since he left and I just can’t see myself having any relationships in the future.”

H/T Daily Telegraph

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