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Woman Wakes Up From Root Canal To Worst Nightmare

As if going to the dentist isn't scary enough... 

Alison Divers went through a real life nightmare, waking up from a standard root canal surgery in a foreign dentist's office... with all 16 of her upper teeth pulled out... 

Still groggy from the anaesthetic, she turned to see a bag full of her healthy teeth tied to the light above her, instead of being in her mouth. 

Then aged 25, the retired army private was based in Germany and had cracked her two front teeth while attempting to bite into an apple.

“I bit into one and felt an excruciating pain that rush through my mouth,” she told

A month or so later Divers also needed root canal to fix an infection, so she approached a local dentist. 

While there was a language barrier - Divers' German wasn't fluent and her dentist only spoke a few words of English - there were notes in front of him which reassured her. 

“He could only speak a few words of English and my German was terrible,” Divers said. “There were notes in front of him so I wasn’t too worried. I thought it would be fine.”

Put to sleep due to her sensitivity to an anaesthetic... she awoke an hour later to discover the terror.

“No words can describe it. This bag was tied to the light and it was dangling above my head — it was filled with my teeth,” she said. 

“I was screaming and crying so much, I can’t even explain. He took out every single tooth from my top jaw, they were healthy teeth. I couldn’t talk, I felt sick and my mouth was all swollen.

"That pain in my mouth, I’ll never get over it.”

The dentures she received were bulky"loose, bulky and felt so uncomfortable" and the operation truely changed her life. 

Barely eating and crying constantly, Divers admitted that she had never had a picture taken with her daughter - now 14 - out of embarrassment. 

Enter Botched Up Bodies, aired on UK's Channel 5, who came to her rescue. Phew. 

The program allowed her to see a qualified cosmetic dentist and get implants.

Eight hours of surgery later and the embarrassment and shame Divers' had always felt when opening her mouth was gone. 

“I feel like I’ve missed part of my life but now people speak to me and I have confidence. It’s just incredible,” she said.

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