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You Can Buy A Designer Boomerang, For A Cool $2,000

Talk about lack of respect for the indigenous culture, luxury brand Chanel are selling a boomerang with a price tag of almost $2,000!

Alongside its 2017 Spring-Summer Pre-Collection, the brand has revealed a peculiar list of 'other accessories' which includes:
- tennis balls in a leather pouch - AU$570.00
- a tennis racquet - AU$2,220
- a set of beach racquets - a whopping AU$4,860
- a paddle board - scarily, the price is only available on request.

The boomerang, which is mostly black with a wooden extremity on it's longer arm is made from wood and resin and features the luxury 'double C' logo in the centre.

With an exact price tag of AU$1,930, you'd expect it to at least come with a guarantee it'll come back!

We hear their next 'other accessories' item to be released will be a branded didgeridoo. No, not really, but you might as well, Chanel.

h/t: Pedestrian

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