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You’re Going to DIE After You See These Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, we've decided to create the ultimate list of photo inspiration for seriously SCARY Halloween costumes. 

Going that extra mile with the effort and makeup will impress your friends and lift the morale of any Halloween party! 

Don't go as a mouse again this year... check out the inspiration we've put together for you:


Who thought Jessica Alba could look this scary! 

You can still look hot while being super scary... 

Wanna know how I got this smile?👄🔪🎥 ||| •Step 1: Apply liquid latex ( from Halloween store or online). Use a disposable sponge because it will ruin ur brushes. Separate 2 ply tissue and apply 1 layer of tissue over latex. Smooth down. Repeat this step for three layers. Seal with latex. •Step 2: Apply foundation to match the color of your face. •Step 3: Using a palette knife, create the "ripped mouth" effect, slowly dragging the slit up towards your ear. •Step 4: Using Red lipstick fill in the inner part of the slit. I used "Sex Pot" matte lipstick by @motivescosmetics.  Step 5: Mimic bruising by using deep red & plum shades wherever u see fit. Step 6: Use fake blood (liquid) & thick blood (both from @bennyemakeup) to add some realism to the whole look.  Step 7: I originally wanted my lips to be bloody but I wasn't crazy about the way that it looked so I applied some foundation to my lips and a hint a deep purple for some dimension. ||| •Wig: "Caramel Delight" by @powderroomd @hairhegoes ||| The full tutorial will be on YouTube on Sunday. 📲DeniseAsiAm ||| 🎧American Horror Story theme

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