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Is This The Cruelest Prank EVER?

This is the end of the ''high after wisdom teeth removal'' genre that the internet loves so much, as these two older brothers have nailed it!

They convinced their younger sister that a zombie outbreak has started and it was planned with military precision.

It starts with a CD on the drive home from the dentist. It plays a recording of radio station that is then interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System announcing a virus outbreaks and lists the symptoms of having the virus including fever, death, aggression and cannibalism.

It gets hectic from here, with the brothers staging a rush home to rescue everything they can with their sister making all the calls, while dazed and confused.

What's best is that although she has no idea what is going on, she is actually the best at making decisions. When asked if they should go back for her mum she says ''We're not the U.S. Marines, can't we just go?'' then when posed with the hard question of ''Cat or dog?'' she doesn't wait to answer ''THE CAT, YOU IDIOT.''

I am still worried for the dog.

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