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Blackout Tatts Aren't New Anymore But Still Amazing AF

For those who regret that dolphin yin-yang, señor drunk worm, Marvin the Martian or a foreign phrase that could say something other than what was intended… laser tattoo removal is big business.

But there’s an alternative, and it’s kind of the opposite to laser tattoo removal.

Blackout tattoos.

So instead of removing a tattoo, they’re going over it in nothing but solid black ink.

OK, so they’re not exactly new, but they still manage to stop us in our tracks and look.

They shot to our attention about a year ago when Singaporean tattoo artist Chester Lee posted a picture of his client.

It featured a scalloped 'neckline' and a rose on her hand, and it went viral… a year on, the picture continues to attract thousands of likes.

Lee says that a full sleeve blackout tattoo which covers up the whole arm starting from the wrist to the shoulder takes about 20 hours. Because the process is also pretty labour-intensive, tattoo parlours in the States have been reported charging up to nearly $A400 an hour.

However, just this week, UK blackout tattoo artist Michael Beverley posted the result from a “beast of a day” where a client received a full blackout sleeve in just one sitting.

There’s always concealer.

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