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5 Of The Best Places To Get Pho Soup In Sydney

These Full-Flavoured Soups Are Warming, Comforting and Totally Delicious!

In winter, many of us tend to go straight for the comfort foods that make us feel warm and full.

Think, pizza, pasta - and even laksas! The bad part? They can all contribute to an ever-expanding waistline.

Pho soups are a great substitute. Warming, comforting, delicious and made without a creamy soup, these full-flavoured Vietnamese soups are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Check out five of the best places to get pho soup in Sydney...

Pho An, Bankstown


This place attracts people from all over Sydney, mostly for its aromatic broth with star anise, clove and Chinese cardamom. Delicious!

PHD, Marickville


After a bold renovation, PHD serve pho nam (southern-style) with a central Vietnamese twist. This makes it one of the sweetest pho soups in Sydney, with generous amounts of beef and chicken bones, onions, ginger and fried garlic. It's finished with cracked pepper - another big difference!

Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam, Haymarket


Don't be fooled just because they're located in a food court, the owner, Phuoc Hoang has run restaurants all over Sydney, but chose a food court location to escape the gruelling restaurant hours. The pho is $9 a bowl and features a punchy unami-rich broth.

Great Aunty Three, Enmore


The bowls are fragrant, due to the recipe passed down from owner Michael Le's maternal grandmother. The broth is flavoured, thanks to basil and star anise.

Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta


Critcs constantly call this tiny noodle house as one of Sydney's best. The owner's recipe is a well-guarded secret; no one knows how she gets that amazing depth of flavour or how she balances sweet, saltiness and Asian spices so perfectly. Must try!

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