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6 GENIUS Champagne Hacks For The Ultimate NYE

Champagne = Party. 

And, while the bubbly bliss of a drink is perfect on it's own, what's the fun in that!? 

Below are 6 ways to fancy up everyone's festive drink of choice, Champagne! 

1. Add Fairy Floss! 

This fun touch will bring out your inner child! Not only does it look adorable, when you actually pour champagne over cotton candy, it melts into the liquid, making for a really cool party trick and a fun champagne cocktail in one. You can also put fairy floss on top of a full glass of champagne for a cloud-like look! 


2. Add Pomegranates to your Champagne flute 

When you place a handful of pomegranate arils in your champagne flute, they look like floating rubies and when you catch one in your mouth, the burst of flavour will be a lovely surprise! 


3. Pour champagne over ice pops  

Gradually the frozen treat will melt and turn the whole thing into a fruit-flavoured Champagne cocktail. 


4. Keep an uncorked bottle of Champagne fizzy by slipping a metal spoon into the mouth 

This will enable you to store the bottle in the fridge until the next time you want to enjoy some bubbly! 


5. Use RAISINS to revive mostly flat champagne! 

If your champagne has mostly gone flat, add a raisin/saltana! It'll move up and down, drawing in all the carbon dioxide in the liquid, then releasing it to make it carbonate again! BRILLIANT! 


6. Quickly chill a bottle of champagne using ice, water and salt 

Make a tub of ice, water and salt and place the champagne bottle in, making sure the mixture is up to the neck of the bottle. Let the bottle sit in the bath for 20 minutes and it'll be chill! 


Image Source: Nomi Ellenson

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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