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A Pasta Theme Park Just Opened And Holy Ravioli

Finally. FINALLY. Someone has listened to our pleas and opened a "magical kingdom of pasta" and we're breaking out the stretchy pants.

Our lives will literally never be the same.

FICO Eataly World - or FICO for short - is a 25-acre theme park in Bologna packed to bursting with food stands, farmland, exhibits and plenty of hipster-approved tricycles available to help spaghetti-hungry visitors zip around.

There's even a number of "rides", which Bloomberg describe as "artistic multimedia experiences dedicated to our relationship with such things as fire, sea, wine and the future".

And while you learn, you can lift your Instagram game; have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

It's basically the most delicious, interesting version of a trip to the supermarket that you could possible imagine and we need one in Australia pronto.

For more information - or to check out a whole host of drool-inducing photos of fresh produce  - head to Eataly World's Instagram.

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