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A Vegan Sandwich Bar Has Opened In Sydney CBD And YUM

Being a vegan in this day and age can be hard, it’s a bit of a transition period where veganism is becoming more and more widespread each year.

However, cafes and restaurants truly dedicated to veganism are a dime a dozen.

Freshly made every day. These sandwiches are amazing! #vegan

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BUT, it’s just got a whole lot easier for those who choose to eat vegan - and work in the city.

Joe’s Sandwich Bar on Kent Street in Sydney CBD is described as a ‘humble little sandwich shop that happens to be vegan.’

It features a selection of quick and easy ‘grab and go’ style sangas, with unique flavours sure to make even the biggest carnivores forget about meat for a meal.

The Reuben potato mash-up seems pretty popular, made with thick cut, quality bread and washed down with a kombucha.

Thanks to @brooklandscoffeekiosk for the tasty pic of this tasty sanga. #vegan

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They also love to use flavours and sauces such as chimichurri, chipotle pumpkin and coconut greens. And they even have a vegan B.L.A.T - hurrah!

Joe’s Sandwich Bar re-opens on Jan 2!

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