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An Onion That Doesn't Make You Cry Now Exists

Soak it in cold water. Freeze it. Microwave it. Wear goggles.

Let's be honest, trying to prevent tears while cutting onions can be a production.

Not anymore.

The staple kitchen vegetable, and Tony Abbott's fave raw snack, is now available… sans emotion.

Sunions are “the first tearless and sweet onion grown in the US”

Even better, as they have been developed through a natural cross-breeding program, they’re not genetically modified.

Onion tears happen when lachrymatory-factor synthase, which forms sulfuric acid when it contacts the water in your eyes.

The thing is, Sunions don’t release has much lachrymatory-factor synthase, so tears aren’t triggered.

The Washington Post has already reported that they’re “sweet enough that you could sit there and eat them like popcorn” while one person had said they were “almost flavourless”.

We’ll soon see if they catch on, but for now, it’s back to old tricks.


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