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Cadbury Have Released Four NEW Chocolate Bar Flavours

In case you don't already know (and it should literally be a crime if you don't know this piece of info) World Chocolate Day is fast approaching on Friday July 7.

And for all chocoholics out there, it's basically a day to scoff down as much chocolate as you like without feeling the slightest bit guilty about it (or what I like to call, just your average tuesday...).

Of course we all have our favourite types to spend the day with, from Mars Bars, Cadbury blocks, Flakes, Cherry Ripes...the list could go on forever.

Well friends, that favourite of yours may just be about to change...because Cadbury has announced FOUR new flavours that will be hitting the shelves specifically for the day!

The new kids on the block (get it...chocolate block...) consist of the iconic mint, caramel, berry and coffee flavours but with a revolutionary twist.

Each piece in the block has a varied flavour in the filling!

Mad 4 Mint

This flavour lets your taste buds experience a combination of original mint, choc-mint, peppermint or spearmint.

Craving 4 Coffee

This Cadbury bar is fit for any coffee fanatic, allowing them to have a taste of flat white, mocha, caramel latte and iced coffee in the filling.

Bonkers 4 Berry

If you're after something a bit more fruity, this block features strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberries and cream.

Crazy 4 Caramel

The last block revamped in this new range provides the classic tastes of burnt toffee, butterscotch, caramello and salted caramel.

And if these four new blocks weren't exciting enough, the Crunchie and Oreo blocks of Cadbury chocolate are being pumped with TWICE as much filling as usual!

But you better get in quick chocolate lovers! These options are only available for a limited time.

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