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Celebrate Easter With Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Gin

We previously thought that one of the best things about Easter was that we could indulge on Easter eggs and hot cross buns without feeling a spec of guilt.

But it turns out there’s a new product on the block that’s ready to knock these treats of that pedestal… Enter the hot cross bun flavoured gin.

That’s right you heard us correctly, hot cross freakin’ bun flavoured GIN!! And it’s here just in time to help you to celebrate Easter the right way.

The holiday themed spirit has been created by the company Gin Tales and it gets it’s deliciously similar taste to the real deal by being infused with fresh fruits, cinnamon and nutmeg.

And what’s even better, Gin Tales is renowned for making their products without any additives or artificial ingredients and so I guess you could say it’s somewhat “healthy” for you?

That’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway as we’re about to go to town on some hot cross bun cocktails this Easter!

This is seriously the best hot cross bun invention to come since the choc chip flavoured ones hit the shelves.

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