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Cheeseburger Jaffles Exist In SYDNEY!

SO, we know everyone is upset that cheese toast at Sizzler is slowly becoming extinct.

We get it, it’s sad - and we want to feel better about it too. SO I think I found something even better.

There’s a little place in Bondi called Neighbourhood, you might have heard of it.

It’s got an awesome section out the back, a really cute bar, great cocktails and an AMAZING menu.

One thing they do that you’ll love, is the jaffles they create.

The cheeseburger jaffle is like a flattened Big Mac; complete with cheese, pickles, American mustard and FRIES inside.

They also have the grown up version; named the Italian Job.

Shreds of slow cooked brisket are covered in American jack cheddar cheese - and just like it’s younger jaffle sibling, it’s bloody delicious.

At just $10 a piece, they’re a bloody bargain, too.

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