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Chocolate Kebabs Are A Real Thing You Need In Your Life

World Chocolate day may have passed, but our love and obsession with the sweet treat DEFINITELY never will.

Chocolate fondue - love the stuff. Nutella doughnuts, can't get enough! Chocolate pizza, GIMME MORE! Pretty much anything with the cocoa ingredient is going to be fabulous for our tastebuds.

And so you can imagine that we are completely down for this invention of a new creative chocolate treat. And seriously, we need to get our hands on one now!

It's called a chocolate kebab and it's similar to the traditional kebab in every way except that instead of juicy meats and salad, it's filled with all things choccy and sweet.

There's even chocolate shavings from a chocolate spit! Oh have mercy on our diets...

Check out exactly how to make the chocolate kebab in the video above and get ready to drool through the whole thing.

And if you can't handle the cravings, you can get your hands on one at the Original ChocoWrap Dessert Truck in Bankstown NSW. See you there!

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