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Coke Bottles Do NOT Look Like This Anymore

If you guzzle your Coca-Cola like it’s going out of fashion, you may be a little confused when you head to the shops next.


Well it seems Coca-Cola is changing its look.

Yep, the soft drink powerhouse is planning to give their cans and bottles a more “unified look”, so that Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coke Life look more… related.

Coca-Cola says cans and bottles will prominently feature a “red disc” reminiscent of regular Coke, in addition to the colours already associated with each brand.

The company says the “One Brand” look will roll out in Mexico next month then spread to other countries this year and next. In its flagship US market, however, Coke says it’s still testing its options and that no changes are planned for 2016.

Unsurprisingly, the response on social media has not been ah-mazing…


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