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Did You Know Maccas Is Cheaper In Different Sydney Suburbs?

If you assumed that Maccas have the same standard pricing across all stores, you assumed wrong. 

The most expensive McDonald's stores in Sydney have been revealed and the list might surprise you. 

A Big Mac will cost you 45 cents less at Westfield Parramatta in Sydney than it will in Wiley Park in the city's south-west, where it'll cost you $5.85.

It's believed that the more busy the store, the less expensive it'll be. 

7 News Sydney discovered the price difference after purchasing half a dozen items at 6 different stores throughout Sydney.

Only a few McDonald's items have national pricing, such as the loose change menu. 

The total of the items 7 News bought varied by up to $1.60, with Wiley Park being the most expensive overall.

Cheapest Big Macs:
Westfield Parramatta $5.40
St Ives $5.55
Sydney CBD $5.55

Most expensive:
Sydney Airport $5.75
Eastern Creek $5.80
Wiley Park $5.85

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